Afrer XIIth 
      Science Courses (3 Years)
 BSc Physics
 BSc Chemistry,
 BSc Botany,
 BSc Zoology,
 BSc Computer science
 BSc Mathematics
 BSc PCM,
 BSc CBZ,
 BSc Forestry,
 BSc Dietician & Nutritionist,
 BSc Home Science,
 BSc Agriculture Science
 BSc Horticulture,
 BSc Sericulture,
 BSc Oceanography,
 BSc Melsorology,
 BSc Arthopology,
 BSc Forensic Science
 BSc Food technology,
 BSc Diary Technology,
 BSc Hotel Management,
 Bsc Fashion Design,
 BSc, Mass Communication,
 BSc Electronic Media,
 BSc Multimedia,
 BSc 3D Animation,
And Many More..........
          Commerce Courses
☄CA Chatted Account
☄CMA Cost Management Account
☄CS Company Secretary (Foundation)
☄B.Com Regular,
☄B.Com Taxation &Tax Procedure
☄B.Com Travel & Tourism
☄B.Com Bank Management
☄B.Com Professional
☄BBA  /. BBM Regular
☄BFM Bachelor of Financial Management
And Many..........
          Humanities Courses......
BS General
Fine Arts,
Foreign languages,
Home Science,
Interior Design,
Library Science,
Physical Education,
Political Science
Social Work,
And Many More.....
          ❤ Travel and Tourism
         Management Courses.....
➡Business Management,
➡Bank Management,
➡Event Management,
➡Hospital Management,
➡Hotel Management,
➡Human Resources​ Managemet
➡Logistics Management,
And Many More..........
          Law Courses ... (3/5 Years)
B.Com + LLB,
             MEDICAL COURSES...
BUMS Unani
BHMS Homeopathy
BAMS Ayurveda
BSMS Sidha
BNYS Naturopathy​
BDS Dental
BVSc Veterinary........Etc.....
Pharm D
M. Pharm
Anesthesia technical
Cardiac Care technical
Perfusion technology
Cathllab technology
Clinical Optometry
Dental Hygiene
Dental Mechanic
Dental Technicianp
Health Inspector
Medical imaging & Tech...
Medical Lab technician
Medical Records tech
Medical X Ray Technician
Nuclear Medicine Tech
Occupational Therapist
Operation theater Tech
Ophthalmic Assistant
Radiographic Assistant
Radiotherapy Technician
Rehabilitation Therapy
Respiratory Therapy Tech.
Blood Transfusion Tech..
BSc Renal Dialysis
And Many More.......
          B.Tech Engineering ..... (4year)
⚙Petro chemical Engineering
⚙Petroleum Engineering
⚙Civil Engineering
⚙Mechanical Engineering
⚙Aeronautical Engineering
⚙Aerospace Engineering
⚙Agricultural Engineering
⚙Architecture Engineering
⚙Automobile Engineering
⚙Automation & Robotics Eng.
⚙Avionics Engineering
⚙Biomedical Engineering
⚙Bio technological Eng..
⚙Chemical Engineering
⚙Ceramics Engineering
⚙Computer Science Engi..
⚙Electronics &Comm.Engi.
⚙Electrical & Electronics Engi.
⚙Environmental Science Engi.
⚙Information Science Engi
⚙Industrial Engineering
⚙Industrial Production Engi..
⚙Instrumental Technology
⚙Marine Engineering
⚙Medical Electronics Engi..
⚙Mining Engineering
⚙Manufacturing Science Engi.
⚙Naval Architecture Engi....
⚙Nanotechnology Engi..
⚙Polymer Technology Engi..
⚙Silk Polymar Engi...
⚙Carpet Technology Engi...
⚙Textile engineering
And Many More........
         POLYTECHNIC (10 th class)
Civil engineering
Mechanical engineering
Automobile engineering
Computer science engi.....
Electronics and communication   
Electrical engineering
Petro chemical engineering
And Many More...........
(new job opportunity Course​s 2/3/5Years Duration)
BBA Aviation
BBA Air Cargo Management
BBA Aeronautical
BBA Retail Marketing
BBA Customer Care Management
BBA Airline & Airport Management
BBA Cargo Management
BBA Office Management
BBA Store Management
BBA Mall Management
BBA Logistics
BCA Cloud Computing
And Many more.....
             Architecture(5 years +2)
B.Arch (NATA is Compulsory)
And Many More Courses.

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