Part One
(Answer all the question)
1)Each question below gives a multiple choice of answer. Choose the most appropriated one and enter in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instruction therein.
1.     Which chip is used to store information that describes specific device parameters?
i)        BIOS
ii)      CMOS
iii)    ROM
iv)    RAM
2.     The term PRN is related to
i)        Parallel port
ii)      Serial port
iii)     Centronics port
iv)    USB port
3.     The computer memory used for temporary storage of data and program is called
i)        ROM
ii)      EPROM
iii)    RAM
iv)    SECTOR
4.     PKZIP software is used for
i)        Printing
ii)      Internet se connection
iii)    Hard drive formatting
iv)    Compaction
5.     The ____ takes control of the boot process
i)        Boot Sector
ii)      CMOS
iii)    MBR
iv)    POST
6.     What’s the largest size of a new FAT32 partition in Windows XP?
i)        2GB
ii)      32GB
iii)    2TB
iv)    4TB
7.      Which of the following is valid standard for recordable DVD?  
i)        DVD-R
ii)      DVD-RW
iii)    DVD-RAM
iv)    DVDROM
8.     Capacity of 3.5”FDD is
i)        1.3MB
ii)      1.5MB
iii)    1.44
iv)    1MB
9.     What is the Windows installation option that inherits all previous setting, hardware, and applications?
i)        Automated
ii)      Clean
iii)    Multiboot
iv)    Upgrade
10.                        Which network topologies use token passing?
i)        Star
ii)      Bus
iii)    Square
iv)    Ring

2)Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Chose the most appropriate one and enter your choice in the “OMR” answer following instructions therein.

1.     Two extended partitions can be created in a hard drive.
2.     If you want to erase all the data on a disk simply format it.
3.     Antivirus software need to be continuously updated.
4.     A hub selectively drops packets that represent potential security risks.
5.     IP number is 32 bit length.
6.     A Windows NT Server enables you to designate resources you want to share with others by default.
7.     Printer cannot be shared in Windows NT.
8.     System time cannot be changed in Windows Operating System.
9.     Backup utility keeps backup of system files and user files.
10.                        Format of a MIDI file is text.
3)Match word and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/ word(s)/phrase (s) in column Y. Enter your selection is the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein.
1.    Motherboard                A. Connect Hard Drive
2.    IDE interface                 B. used to copy old files
3.    Restore                          C. computer network
4.    Defragmentation         D. connects two networks
5.    WAM                           E. Coaxial
6.    Router                           F. Cd burning software
7.    10Bases5                      G. user/group account
8.    Nero software              H. protocol
9.    SID                                 I. Hard disk maintenance
10.                       UPP                      J. Foundation of a computer
11.                                                     K. Television transmission
12.                                                    L. Four-pair wire medium
13.                                                    M. Connects two incompatible networks

4)Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the list below. Choose the most appropriate option enter your choice in the “OMR” answer Sheet supplied with the question paper, following instruction therein.

1.     Converts
2.     Compression
3.     Program
4.     Antivirus
5.     Transmission
6.     LAN
7.     Wi fi
8.     Public folders
9.     Protocols
10.                        Format
11.                        Disassembling
12.                        Workgroup
13.                        DPI
A.    The___ of the computer system starts with externally connected device detachment.
B.    The power supply unit in a computer ____ the power from the wall outlet to the type of the type of power needed by the computer.
C.    The first thing a computer has to do when it is turned on is start up a special____ called an operating system.
D.   _____ is the practice of packaging a file or file to use less disk space.
E.     The purpose of _____ software is to detect, neutralize or eradicate malware.
F.     A ____ is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area.
G.   _____network does not require cables to be connected.
H.   When you copy computer or to people on your network.
I.       The _____ is a collection of computers that are of the same network.
J.      ____media is a pathway that carries the information from sender to receiver.
Part TWO
(Answer Any Four Question)
1.    What is different between BIOS and CMOS?
2.    Explain the role of POST during system startup.
3.    What is control panel in Windows Operating System?
1.     What are the necessary step for maintain your computer?
2.    What is a file compression? What are the advantage of compression?
3.    Explain the steps to create a simple LAN with two PC’s.
1.    Explain transmission modes – simplex, half-duplex and full duplex.
2.    How to install and share a printer in Windows NT?
1.    Explain Full Back-up and incremental backup methods.
2.    Explain mesh topology with suitable diagram.
3.    How to write files and folders in CD-ROM in Windows Operating Systems?
9)Write any three of the following:-
1.    What is router?
2.    What are the common tasks performed by user manager in Windows NT?
3.     What is Sub netting?

4.    Explain MS- Office modules.

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