1) Browbeat (Verb)(धमकाना) -  brou-beet 
Meaning -  to bully in an intimidating way
Synonyms -    bully, hector, intimidate, force
Antonyms -  praise , compliment , persuade
Example - A witness must not be browbeaten by the police under cross-examination.

2) Wanton (Adjective) (प्रचंड) - won-tn
Meaning -  having no concern for the rights, feelings, or safety of others
Synonyms -  deliberate, wilful, malicious, malevolent
Antonyms -   decent , kind , merciful
Example - The man is probably going to get the death penalty for his wanton killing of six schoolchildren.

3)  Benign  (Adjective) (सौम्य ) - be-nine
Meaning - having no significant effect; harmless
Synonyms - friendly, warm, affectionate
Example - Since I meant no harm with my words, I beg you to forgive my benign statement.

4) Enact (Verb) (प्रदान करना ) -  en-akt
Meaning - to authorize as a law or decree , make (a bill or other proposal) law.
Synonyms -  pass, approve, ratify, validate
Antonyms - Abolish , repeal , cancel
Example - The government will enact a law that will create harsh penalties for criminals involved in identity theft.

5) Cognisance   (Noun) (संज्ञान) -  cog-ni-zance
Meaning - knowledge or awareness.
Synonyms -  awareness, notice, knowledge, consciousnes
Antonyms -  ignorance , unawareness
Example - The teacher is developing cognizance of the child's intellectual activity.

6) Wrecked (Noun)(बर्बाद) -  wrecked
Meaning - to destroy or damage something
Synonyms - destruction, sinking
Antonyms -   compensate , repair , build
Example -  Because they arrested him before he could hurt anyone else, the police were able to wreck the terrorist’s plans.

7) Instigate  (Verb) (भड़काना) -  insti-gate
Meaning - to trigger something
Synonyms - set in motion, put in motion, start, begin, initiate,
Antonyms -  halt , stop, calm , discourage
Example - Hopefully, the red band campaign will instigate a greater awareness of cancer prevention.

8) Maim (Adjective) (पंगु बनाना) - may-m
Meaning - wound or injure (a person or animal) so that part of the body is permanently damaged.
Synonyms - injure, wound, hurt, disable
Antonyms - heal , cure , mend
Example - When the terrorists made their plan, their intent was to maim or kill as many government workers as possible.

9) Conviction (Phrase) (दोषसिद्धि) - kun-vik-shun
Meaning - a formal declaration by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law that someone is guilty of a criminal offence , a firmly held belief or opinion.
Synonyms - declaration/pronouncement of guilt, sentence, judgement
Example - He will appeal against her conviction in Supreme Court.

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