1.BREACH (NOUN): violation of a law
Synonyms: contravention, dereliction
Antonyms: observance, upholding
Example Sentence: His actions were viewed as a breach of contract.

Synonyms: deceptive, crook
Antonyms: genuine, sincere
Example Sentence: His fraudulent actions caused a lot of trouble.

3.DISCONCERT (VERB): confuse
Synonyms: bewilder, perturb
Antonyms: clarify, enlighten
Example Sentence:  He disconcerted all of us with his argument.

4.INFILTRATE (VERB): creep in
Synonyms: penetrate, permeate
Antonyms: retreat, withdraw
Example Sentence: We infiltrated the perimeter and wiped out our enemies.

5.DEBATABLE (ADJECTIVE): controversial
Synonyms: arguable, dubious
Antonyms: proven, inarguable
Example Sentence: The debatable issues put forward by him were absolutely illogical.

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